Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dallas Dweller: Cathy Vieth

If you are like me, every month you flip through the pages of PaperCity, Modern Luxury, F!D Luxe, GrandLuxe and the like, scouring the social pages to see who was deemed worthy of photo recognition.  There's a handful of regulars who seem to do no wrong when it comes to picking the right outfit or arm candy for editorial selection. And then there are those photos that you see and think, "Who IS that person?" Whether they strike your fancy for their fabulous frock or outrageous hair or interesting style.  Dallas Dweller seeks to introduce you to the fabulous faces you've always wondered about but haven't had the occasion to meet in person. This week, let me introduce you to the woman known as "Frisco Barbie":

Cathy Vieth

I first laid eyes on a photo of Cathy in January 2011 when I was scrolling through Facebook and saw some photos from a party talking about the possibility of a Real Housewives of Dallas show.  My first thought was that she would be perfect as the stereotypical Dallas woman: big boobs, big hair and a seemingly big personality!

Cathy & Tommy Vieth
photo courtesy of Bob Manzano

I met Cathy a few months later and fell in love with her sweet smile, Southern-belle charm and huge heart.  Vieth hails from Oklahoma, but after graduation couldn't afford college. So at 19, she left home and headed for Dallas to make a better life for herself and seek her destiny. "I couldn't get out of there fast enough!" she laughs.  I can relate to that sentiment, coming from a small town myself.

Me with Shay Geyer, Cathy and Maggie Kipp
at the 2011 Celebrity Waiter Luncheon
She and a girl friend were sunbathing at their apartment complex one day, when Tommy walked over and her friend introduced them.  I guess he liked her in a bikini, because he invited her to go to the lake with him, proposed 3 months later and they have now been married for 17 years.

They own and operate Lifetime Roofing of America which currently has offices in Oklahoma City, Austin and Dallas.  In 2008, Cathy opened LTR & Construction to handle large projects such as multi-family projects and general contracting jobs.  Can't you just picture the expressions these guys get when Cathy walks onto a construction site! Yowza!

When I asked Cathy what her style was, she said, "Posh. Whatever is the latest and greatest in fashion. Any street I walk down is my own runway. Looking good means you feel good, so why not?"  Her favorite places to shop in Dallas are Neiman Marcus, Rich Hippie, Blinc and Tootsies.  She's a huge fan of local designer, Abi Ferrin. "I love her dresses," exclaims Vieth.

The Vieth Family
A big supporter of charitable causes, I asked her how she got into the Dallas social scene.  "My first social event was the Stiletto Strut, held at Neiman Marcus, which raises money for Children's Charities," she exclaimed.  "I was hooked. I started attending as many social events as my calendar would allow. I started attending the Fashionista's events and served on the Host Committee for a couple of things. Tommy and I both are members of Star Children's Charities as well.  I would be out somewhere every night if Tommy would let me!"

Tommy and Cathy were married 13 years before they tried to get pregnant.  After 3 heart-breaking miscarriages, Cathy said she wanted to try one more time before she gave up. At 40 years old, she got pregnant and Chanel Lee Vieth was born in 2007!  As you can imagine, she is the light of their lives.

Next time you see Cathy out and about, feel free to go up and say "Hi! I read all about you on OSC!" But don't stick out your hand... she's a hugger! And who doesn't love a good hug?!

Have you seen someone out and about or in the social pages that you want to know more about? Email me your suggestions for Dallas Dweller and you might see your request in a future post!