Thursday, August 2, 2012

DFW Style Daily Celebrates Its First Anniversary in Style

Last Tuesday, I attended a "White Hot" party and everywhere I turned there were beautiful people in white attire. It felt like the Hamptons! No, it wasn't hosted by P. Diddy - it was a soiree thrown by my gal pal Lisa Petty to celebrate the first anniversary of her online magazine,

Inside Fedora at One Arts Plaza I chatted it up with jewelry designer, Shona Gilbert, who stood out from the pack with her newly dyed hot pink hair. I sipped cocktails with PR hipster Bri Crum, skin care guru Renee Rouleau, and Maxine Trowbridge from  And of course, DFWStyleDaily Contributors Rhonda Sargent Chambers and Abby Gregory were there working the room as only they can.

If you aren't already an ardent reader of DFW Style Daily, I highly encourage you to add it to your RSS feed, Google Reader, BlogLovin or whatever it is you use to track sites you love.  In Lisa's words, " DFW Style Daily brings you the latest local fashion news, plus the compulsively watchable videos and galleries you know and love. What’s more, we've gathered a team of writers to track what’s really going on in the world of Dallas style. No tricks, no politics — we'll play by no rules other than our own."

(left) Renee Rouleau and Maxine Trowbridge  (right) Richard and Ashley Burghardt
(back) Sean Charles, Abby Gregory, Ric Mulligan (bottom) Lisa Petty, Priya Bhola Rathos, Rhonda Sargent Chambers and Heather Lettieri

I love seeing Lisa at events and reading her take on it the next day. My post will all about who was there, the vibe and what everyone was wearing. Lisa is the one who will notate a thoughtful analysis of the show, the designer's background and inspiration and why you need to care. I don't give a whit about inspiration. I just like pretty... This girl is the ying to my yang.  I adore her so much and was thrilled to be there to celebrate her success.

To see more photos from this event, visit DFW Style Daily on Facebook. Oh, and be sure to "LIKE" her page while you are there.