Thursday, August 2, 2012

Piermarini Boutique Moving to Snider Plaza

photo: D Magazine

Earlier this year I introduced you to cutie-patootie John Piermarini. He owns a fantastic boutique in Uptown that features international, local and new designers that are off the beaten path to mainstream fashion avenues, with each store item being hand-picked by John himself. Maintaining an heir of exclusivity, Piermarini Boutique showcases designs under $500, only orders one item in each size and has a strict no re-order policy.

My pal, Raya Ramsey, at D Magazine's ShopTalk reported yesterday that Piermarini Boutique will soon be moving to Snider Plaza saying, "I love the airy, wood-floored cottage that currently houses the Uptown boutique, so I’m sad to see John Piermarini move his store to a shopping center. On the other hand, the new space, which will open before the end of the August, will allow them to expand and grow. Of course, you reap more benefits from this move, as Piermarini Boutique is hosting a sale this Saturday. Most things are already 40 percent off, but Saturday purchases will earn an extra 25 percent off."

If you want to check out the savings, visit John for the next 30 days at 2701 Hibernia St., Dallas, TX 75204 (214) 303-1261. For more information, please visit