Saturday, September 15, 2012

Scenes from the DSO Gala 2012

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra held their annual Gala on Saturday, September 8 at the Morton Meyerson Center. Let me begin by saying that I think this is one of the best marketed events in town because there are a couple of different ways to buy into the event, making it affordable for a lot of people - thus exposing the DSO to a new audience, which is crucial for the arts.  People could buy tickets for the entire evening (gala/seated dinner, concert, After-Party) or just the concert and After-Party. 

Fiona Gorostiza, Cynthia Smoot, LeeAnne Locken and Natalie Solis

Janet Fresquez (in a gorgeous necklace by Dallas-designer, Shona Gilbert),
Cynthia Smoot and LeeAnne Locken

The evening began with a chic cocktail reception followed by an exquisite 3-course seated dinner. After dinner, the Eugene McDermott Concert Hall opened for the exclusive Gala concert featuring internationally-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma and Music Director Jaap van Zweden conducting the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.  I had never seen Jaap van Zweden conduct and I thoroughly enjoyed his passionate "performance". He really throws himself into the song by swaying, hopping and lurching into the music. His facial expressions are great, you can tell he is totally into the piece being played, like the notes are controlling his movements. Of course, as the conductor, I guess I should say his actions are controlling the notes! In any event, he was very enjoyable to watch.

The DSO played for 30-45 minutes and FINALLY Yo-Yo Ma comes out to much applause. And played one song. One. Now, it was one very looooooooong song. One great song.  But it was one song. Wow. All I could think about was, "I wonder how much money that paid this guy to come all the way to Dallas, to play one song." And then it was time for the best part - the after-party!

Lucy Wrubel and Go-Go Girl

Spotted at the after-party was the Fresquez crew: Janet & Rick, with their children Jarrod and Rachel in tow. I also bumped into fashion blogger Krystal Schlegel, Scott Murray, Fox 4's Natalie Solis and Fiona Gorostiza, Ming Chang and fashion designer Khanh of Nha Khanh (who designed the STUNNING red backless dress worn by after-party chair Anna-Sophia van Zweden).

My hot date, LeeAnne Locken and I led the party onto the dance floor and I loved it that Bill and Janet Ivy were one of the first couples to follow us out to boogie the night away.  Now, I LOVE to dance. You will never have to ask me twice to get on the dance floor. At some point about an hour into this dance party I decided that it would be a great idea to get up on stage with my pal, DJ Lucy Wrubel. No one can get a party going like Lucy. She has a knack of finding the best tunes and mixing them in a way that just gets a room rockin'.  

There was an 18" platform behind Lucy that I jumped on (barefoot) and was letting loose to "Call Me Maybe". When the song was over, I hopped off the platform with both feet... and rolled my right ankle which immediately swelled up like a balloon and LeeAnne had to drag me to the car and we went home. Let me repeat that I was barefoot and had consumed one glass of champagne. Such a bummer...  My husband said, "You are not 20 anymore. What were you thinking?!" My reply was, "But I am.. on the inside!"  So, for the next few weeks you will be seeing me in sandals and flats.  Thanks goodness the next big event is Cattle Barron's and I can wear boots!

My dress: Watters "Iris" in Navy
Jewelry by Stephanie Anne: Empress Ring in Amethyst and Goddess Cuff