Sunday, September 16, 2012

Katydid's Katy Messersmith marries Marc Mattox

The happy couple the night before their wedding (photo by Shana Anderson)

Katy Messersmith, owner or Dallas-based Katydid Collection, married Marc Mattox yesterday in a small private ceremony. She's made a mint selling blinged out tees and dresses,  but for her own special day the bride kept it classy with a classic strapless dress and just a touch of bling (see photo below).  They hosted family and friends at Royal Oaks Country Club for their rehearsal dinner and tied the knot at Marie Gabrielle Restaurant & Gardens.  The couple is by now enjoying their honeymoon destination of St. Martens.  I wish Katy & Marc all the best!

Katy Messersmith with friend Kati Shepard