Monday, September 17, 2012

The Texas Daily brings back faces from Dallas news past

The Texas Daily will debut a new kind of news show on October 1 on KTXD featuring blast-from-the-past names like Tracy Rowlett, Troy Dungan and Midge Hill, formerly with WFAA; and Phyllis Watson, formerly with WFAA and KDFW. Jeff Brady, formerly of WFAA, will act as host.  The Texas Daily is aimed primarily at the Baby Boomer generation, an over 40-year-old audience - a fact that is clearly reflected in the cast. They are bringing back the names I grew up with - familiar faces to an over 40 audience that will give their audience an instant feeling on connection and comfort.  The show will air five days a week from 8-9 a.m. and cover local news and offer commentary on what contributors really think about what's happening in our region.

Tracy Rowlett, Jeff Brady and Troy Dungan

More than a dozen commentators will come in two at a time, several times a week, to sit down with Brady and give their opinions on news events. "It's going to be something that nobody's done before," says Dungan. "And that's hard to say in this world - never been done before."

In addition to Rowlett, Dungan, Hill, Watson and Brady, also on board are:
Gary Cogill, formerly with WFAA
John Criswell, formerly with WFAA and KDFW
Debbie Denmon, formerly with WFAA
Jolene DeVito, formerly with WFAA
Suzie Humphreys, formerly with WFAA
Iola Johnson, formerly with WFAA and KTVT
Scott Murray, formerly with KXAS
Robert Riggs, formerly with KTVT 
John Sparks, producer and writer formerly with WFAA, KXAS, KTVT and KDFW

Viewers can tune into KTXD-TV on channel 47 on Dish Network, DIRECTV and AT&T; channels 24 and 428 on Time Warner; channel 18 on Verizon; channel 249 on Comcast Xfinity; and channel 22 on Charter Communications.

This kind of reminds me of the movie "The Expendables" where the producers said, "Hey, I know. Let's get every action star that used to be big 20-years ago. They need the money so we can hire them cheap and all the old people pay to watch our film!"  Except no one did.  I hope program this fares better.  Will you tune into watch?