Monday, October 8, 2012

Big Rich Texas: Episode One

BRT stars Melissa Poe, Bonnie Blossman and Connie Dieb at Prime Bar

Last night was the premiere of Season 3 of Big Rich Texas. The cast (sans Leslie and Kalyn) held a private party at Prime Bar in Dallas to celebrate with family and friends.  Personally, I do not recap episodes on this blog like other sites do. If you are interested in the show, I'm guessing you've already watched the episode? I do, however, love to take to Facebook and Twitter to see how fans and the stars are reacting as the show airs. Here are some of the highlights from the social networks about last night's debut episode:

New BRT Cast members Wendy Walker (who didn't appear in last night's episode) and
her daughter, Nikki Walker

Big Rich Texas kicked off in a big way with lots of name calling and champagne throwing. It looks to be another train-wreck of a season and I, for one, will be watching every tortured minute. Don't despair if you missed the show.  Style Network will be replaying it a thousand times this week, so go set your DVR!  If you'd like to follow the stars on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more check out this post for all the ways you can stalk communicate with your favorite stars.