Friday, October 19, 2012

Gene & Julie Gates help make Rankin Hobbs Halloween Carnival a sweet success

LuAnn Hobbs, Julie Gates, Rankin Hobbs and Gene Gates
Earlier this week I told you about 14-year old EDS student Rankin Hobbs who had the idea to create a Halloween Carnival and donate the proceeds to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital.

My pals Gene and Julie Gates over at 103.7 Lite FM read my post and were also touched by Rankin's desire to help those less fortunate. They had us all in Thursday morning to their CBS studios and interviewed him on their morning show.

I asked his Mom if he had been a patient at Scottish Rite at one point or had a family member there - what drew him to that particular charity? I was shocked when she responded with, "He went on a field trip in 4th grade (he's now in 8th grade) and it just made a tremendous impression on him."  Whoever led that tour should get a gold watch... Just sayin'.

Rankin has made all the games, from plinko to bean bag tosses. He used his own money to buy prize candy and raffle prizes.  Rankin’s Halloween Hoe Down Carnival is Saturday, October 20th from 3PM to 6PM at Preston Hollow Park (On the corner of Park Lane and Thackery). It’s $10 for the first entry ticket, and $5 for each additional entry ticket - and you play all the games you want once you are inside!   The games are geared to kids ages 3 to 9, but anyone can come play.

The reason I write this blog is to share with you all of the great things and people who make Dallas so amazing. I so impressed and proud of Rankin, but I also have to give a big shout out to Gene & Julie who committed to Rankin that if he does not meet his goal of $1000 on Saturday, they will personally make up the difference and donate whatever the amount is that he needs to be able to donate $1000 dollars to Scottish Rite.  I LOVE THE PEOPLE OF THIS CITY!!!  Everything is bigger and better in Dallas, Texas and that includes our hearts.

If you missed the radio segment and would like to hear Rankin tell you about the even in his own words, visit Gene and Julie's website at