Friday, May 3, 2013

Achieve Psycho Success with Mattox

Dallas author Marc Mattox (who goes by the mononymous pen name of Mattox - which is very mysterious and sexy) has just released P$YCHO SUCCESS.  According to the press release, it's a motivational book that drives the reader hard to alter their circumstance and maneuver out of the mundane ‘cube farm’that plagues so many individuals– and into an influential position that could ultimately lead the reader to owning and running a successful company.

"I wrote the book largely as a motivation for middle Americans caught in the corporate machine to change their circumstance and show a path that one individual took to move out of the mundane cube farm and ultimately into their own business," Mattox told me.

"The only way your are going to find real financial success in the corporate world or in your own business is by being BOLD. Not just dipping your toe in the pool, but by confidently wading out into the deep end and then swimming like hell. There are practical techniques and strategies for positioning yourself for success in numerous business situations, but the reader will find the book has far more edgier strategies."

Psycho Success is already garnering high praise from business leaders. “The business techniques and strategies laid out in this book are timely and relevant for today’s future entrepreneurs and deal makers,” said Bryan Barretto Vice President Strategy and Business Development Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “You can be the Honey Badger or you can be its dinner”.

According to Mattox, business is carnivorous and through this book the reader is supplied with tools and concepts to become the predator versus being the pursued. I can't wait to read this for myself!! P$YCHO SUCCESS is available at

About the Author 
After several corporate sales positions and numerous business failures, today Mattox is today a successful entrepreneur. He has founded and funded numerous start-ups and businesses over his 20 year career. He is a technology generalist, ecommerce expert and advisor to several startups that are out to dent the universe. He is always looking for the next big opportunity. Follow him on twitter @psychosuccess

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