Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pokey O's debuts Ice Cream Tacos for Summer

Last night I attended a media preview for Pokey O's new Ice Cream Taco.  Available May 5, the new taco will allow diners to choose each element of their custom-made taco, from the shell-shaped waffle cone all the way to the toppings!

Taco customization options will include:
  • Shell flavor: chocolate (tastes like Coco Puffs) or traditional waffle cone
  • Ice cream: any one of their 16 Blue Bell Ice Cream flavors 
  • Homemade magic shell: chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch, or peanut butter 
  • Topping: peanuts, M&Ms Candies, Oreos, chocolate or rainbow sprinkles, or pretzels 

“We finally found a way to revolutionize the waffle cone and make it interesting and customizable enough to call it a Pokey O’s product.” Kathy Oszustowicz, part owner of Pokey O’s shared. “We like to say that we’re thinking outside the cone.” The ice cream tacos will be available during regular business hours in the retail location, and will soon be available in pre-packed “to-go” boxes of three.

I took two expert ice-cream tasters with me (pictured above) and they gave it two thumbs up. The only downside is that you have to eat it fast or it starts dripping out of either end of the taco since there's nothing to catch the 'cream.

Pokey O’s is located in Park Cities Plaza (3034 Mockingbird Lane), in the Northwest corner of US Highway 75 and Mockingbird Lane, just beside SMU’s Gerald J. Ford Stadium and a stone’s throw away from the newly-opened George W. Bush Presidential Center. The retail location is open to the public Monday-Saturday from 11am to 10pm, and Sundays from 12-10pm. For more information, visit

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