Thursday, December 5, 2013

Courtney Kerr Loves Dallas. And Fashion. And other Local Fare. (Part 2)

Yesterday, I published Part One of an in-depth interview (well, I don't know how deep it was…) with Courtney Kerr. We talked about her (non)relationship with Matt Nordgren, the development of her Bravo spinoff Courtney Loves Dallas and what it is about Big D that makes her toes curl.  Today, she weighs in on her social media addiction, her Mom's battle with cancer and her dreams for the future.

Kerr with OSC Editor, Cynthia Smoot
OSC: On Twitter you seem to only respond to the people who are mean to you. Why do you give them your energy?

CK: Because I want people to know that bad behavior isn’t tolerated. I thank people all the time for nice compliments, but I will RT people or respond to mean comments because a) I want people to see that, I know what you’re doing and b) that’s just weird and rude. It’s just not acceptable to talk that way to someone you don’t even know. When did it become socially acceptable to be mean to strangers? When did it become socially acceptable to be mean to people you know for that matter? Spend your time talking about things you like.

OSC: Tell me how your role as co-host on KTXD’s The Broadcast came about?

CK: I was friends with some people who were involved in putting this project together and they came to me and said, ‘You should audition for this.’ And I said, ‘I’m not a broadcaster. I have a lot of opinions but I’ve never used a teleprompter.’ But I went in and auditioned and I really liked the forum. It's an open discussion where we sit around and talk about our opinions on a variety of topics. It’s been a great platform for me to meet new people and develop my skills as a personality and a host.

OSC: As an only child you are admittedly a little selfish and self-centered. How has working on a team with other type-A personalities been good for you and how has it been a challenge?

CK: I’ve had to learn how to shut the hell up sometimes. I grew up with parents who celebrated every move I made. I’ve had to learn how to celebrate others that way and acknowledge that I’m not the best at everything.

Kerr co-hosts The Broadcast with Lisa Pineiro, Amy Kushnir, Susie Humphries and Dawn Neufeld

OSC: Do you have any upcoming projects or partnerships you care to discuss?

CK: I am re-launching my jewelry collection with Bauble Bar for the holidays. It will be updated pieces from the original collection, a few new pieces and feature some of the pieces that you will see on CLD. I don’t have an exact date yet, but it will happen while the show is on the air. Before the holidays. 

OSC: We’ve touched on your Mom’s cancer scare earlier (click here to read Part 1 of my interview with Kerr). Update me. How is she doing?

CK: She’s doing great. She was diagnosed last year with Basil Cell Carcinoma, which is directly related to being in the sun. I mean, we grew up slathering baby oil on us and laying out at the pool on rafts. We have Indian in our blood and just never thought there could be repercussions from all that sun exposure. She went in for an annual physical and was told that she had some spots on her face that needed to be removed. That turned into her facing the fact that she might lose 80% of her nose, which was scary. She went through 4 surgeries on her nose and it sounds silly – but it was a vanity thing. Who wants to lose their nose!? Seeing my Mom go through that really scared both of us. I have not been in the sun since. I’m like a member of Twilight! It was a good wake up call for me. I am now working with a skin care company on a project that will launch next May, which is Skin Cancer Awareness month. More on that later…

“How could I not love a city that birthed Neiman Marcus

 and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!”

OSC: In the teaser for your show you say “If the dreams you have for yourself don’t scare you a little bit, they probably aren’t big enough”. What dreams do you have for yourself?

CK: I’d like to think that maybe one day I’ll get married and have a husband. And kids. (laughing) That’s terrifying because I’m 31 and its not happened. I want to build an empire for my brand. It might be a small empire and it might be a big empire but right now, I am trying to come from a place of yes and just be open to ideas.

The dreams that I have are just to encourage people, whether that be through their personal style or coming out of their shell and to just embrace yourself. Because I don’t know what else to be except myself.


Like a big sister, I am both critical and protective of Kerr. It has been immense fun to watch the ride she has taken over the past two years. I will be with Courtney tonight at a private party for the premier of Courtney Loves Dallas.  Follow me on Twitter @OhSoCynthia where I will be live tweeting from the event. 

I hope you'll tun in TONIGHT, December 5 at 9pm to catch Courtney on Bravo.

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