Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shop Local: Great Gifts for Kids

The reason I started this website was to shine a light on what makes Dallas such a fabulous city. We have many creative and talented designers and manufacturers right in our own North Texas backyard. Their contributions not only bolster our local economy, but impact our image around the world.  Throughout the holiday season, I will be bringing you a series of posts called Shop Local giving you great gift ideas for under $250 from North Texas designers and retailers. Support local companies this season by considering their wares.

For the kiddos on your list...

me&re design* recently touted the benefits of a soft blankey on their website stating, "Studies show that a security blanket provides both comfort and a secure feeling to a child. Their attachment with the blanket provides a stable feeling in a potentially unstable environment. Security blankets prove especially helpful in new situations in which the child longs for something familiar. Life is stressful and filled with challenges and uncertainly, so it’s no wonder that even as adults, we still love snuggling up with a soft blanket for comfort. The good news? Research indicates that no long-term harmful effects occur from a child having a security blanket. Whew!"

me&re design offers polar tec fleece blankets in a wide variety of colors and designs to appeal to children, teens and adults. Y'all, these are seriously the SOFTEST blankets I have ever felt in my life. Available in 3 sizes, you can personalize it with your family name or personal monogram and you’ve got a great gift that will provide a lifetime of pleasure.

small…….$49.99………..30X40 in.
medium…$59.99………..50X60 in.
large…….$69.99………..60X80 in.

Click here to start shopping.

Kat was just another fashion lovin' gal living in Big D. And then she had Caleb and discovered that shopping for little boys is soul sucking for those who are fashion conscious. Your choices are generally sports and dinosaur themed outfits.

Hence, Baby Bow Ties was born.

I mean, have you ever in your whole life seen anything more precious!? Makes me wish my little big guy was a baby again just so I could put his one of these darling ties.

Choose from plaid, holiday, solid colors, metallic and other great choices. Each bow tie is 4 inches, perfect for Newborn-3 years. The strap is adjustable. All Baby Bow Ties come in a 100% recyclable tin can. You can resuse the can to store food, supplies or even fill it with a homemade candle.

Cost: $25

Available at

In “The Last Akaway”, Brody Boondoggle and his big brother, Jake, see things very differently. Eleven-year-old Brody believes in special powers and spirit animals and all the extraordinary energy in the world that can lead to magical adventures. Twelve-year-old Jake doesn’t. He is sensible and realistic. He likes the certainty of video games, and believes only what he can see.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t include the magical Akaway, wounded by the quirky video game creator Uncle Skeeta. The evil gamer sees the Akaway as a major treat to his empire and devises a scheme to destroy the Akaway. But the two brothers, guided by their quirky grandmother, finally agree to work together in a quest to save the last Akaway and preserve the creative powers of children everywhere.

This is Gary Karton second publication and the first foray into fiction for Dallas publishing house Brattle Publishing Group.

To order “The Last Akaway” click over to Amazon.
Cost $14.99 Hardcover/ $7.20 Kindle

One morning, Kristen Gibbins baby boy, Grayson, was doing tummytime on mom’s tummy and was fixated by the strong graphics and tactile application on her t-shirt. It was at that moment that tumtee was born. Gibbins, along with her partner Lindsey Croley, have just launched tumtee. This "original close knit,” line is comprised of stylish t-shirts for moms with visual and touchable designs for babies. Each shirt comes with an original nursery rhyme. tumtee shirts are comfortable and stylish with modern designs that moms can wear in, around, and out and about as part of their everyday wardrobe. It can be used whenever moms are with their babies: during tummytime, cuddletime, playtime, anytime!   If you have a new Mom or a Mom-to-be on your holiday list, this hot new line will make a wonderful gift! tumtees are available online for $38 or at the Nasher Sculpture Center's gift shop.

I mean… now this is just fun for the whole family. I've never met a kid who didn't love to pretend to be a rock star. With this fun Party Rocker Sound System, you can be Katy Perry and RAWR all night long.

This powerful and flexible all-in-one sound system amplifies almost anything. Its built-in lighting automatically bursts into action, pumping and pulsating in time with the music while changing colors and patterns and projecting them onto walls and ceilings.

  • Streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth® music player. 
  • Works with iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®, Android devices, and more. 
  • Light mode can be turned off. 
  • High-quality microphone and cable included. 
  • 0.125" auxiliary input for amplifying other audio devices. Projects high-fidelity sound up to 150 feet away. Approximately 10"W x 15"D x 20"T.
Cost: $160

Available online or at Neiman Marcus retail locations

*me&re design is a client of Gangway Advertising. Aren't I lucky to get to work with such an amazing brand!?