Thursday, June 5, 2014

Esé Azénabor brings the drama with her 2014 couture collection

Esé Azénabor
Esé Azénabor will debut her 2014 collection of looks (44 in all) at a fashion show themed, Phantom of the Runway, on Friday, June 13th at the Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG). 100% of the proceeds from this event will go directly to Our Hearts Day Center.

Her name means (literally) "a gift I will tell you about later". On June 13th, later arrives and the world will learn about this talented couture designer.

Currently her amazing hand-beaded, feathered, lace creations are only available by appointment at her Dallas Market Center showroom. This new show will hopefully bring her to the attention of local buyers who will carry her line. You listening Stanley Korshak? Brian Bolke? Neiman Marus? Azenabor is a gem just waiting to be discovered.

Nigeria-born Azénabor grew up with her grandmother and mother beading with African prints. That cultural tradition has transcended into her designs by conceptualizing her fascination for heavy beading, crocheted lace, and embroidery. Inspired by a combination of vintage, African, Egyptian, and contemporary European influences, she merged cultures to create her luxurious, signature collection bearing her name.

Esé Azénabor creation
The inspiration for the themed runway show originated when six-year-old Azénabor saw Phantom of the Opera in London, England. The draping of the backdrop, set design, rich materials, and elaborate costumes visually stimulated and mesmerized her. The opportunity to platform this noteworthy designer’s pieces with the theme that initiated her pursuit of fashion marks a milestone in her career.

There will be many unique ellements to Ese's Phantom of the Runway fashion show, including a performance by 'The Violin Guy'. Radu Cernat is an instrumentalist featuring his very own hand-made original electric instruments and Laser Instrument Shows™ , a spectacle and innovative light show created through the sound of music using LED and LASER technology.

Tickets are still available and I encourage you to grab your seat today. This won't just be a runway show, but a theatrical presentation. Visit to select your seat.