Monday, November 24, 2014

Oh So Tasty: Henry's Majestic

One of the perks of working in PR and marketing is that I have amazing clients who feed me well. I have had the privilege of working with Bread Winners for 16 of their 20 years and I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to their latest creation: Henry’s Majestic. Normally I don't copy and paste a press release - but I wrote the damn thing so I am using it. Why try to recreate perfection?!

Roe Dileo
Their motto is "Good Food. Strong Drinks." Henry's Majestic will quench your thirst and satiate your appetite in a comfortable setting where great ideas will be forged, enemies will become friends, bonds will be strengthened and memories will be made. Pretty good, huh. Actually I can't take credit for that, my partner wrote it. 

Two large bars provide patrons with a comfortable place to enjoy an array of elixirs, an eclectic wine list or beers from near and far served from 24 taps in an approachable environment. The 4860 sq. foot site features an industrial contemporary design style speckled with unique “found” items. Most impressive are the spacious dog-friendly patio where diners can enjoy an outdoor fireplace, pool table, TVs and al fresco dining in a relaxed atmosphere. We all need a place to imbibe and feast, to relax and reflect, a place that offers the riches of cultured community setting and genuine southern charm. That place, is Henry’s Majestic. 

Part of the genius behind Henry's Majestic is the executive team they put in place. Rosanne “Roe” Dileo leads the team as General Manager and takes an active role in all aspects of the concept; from the menu to the bar to the front of the house. This New Jersey native created a name for herself locally as the chef at The Libertine Bar and was most recently at Boulevardier in Bishop Arts. She is currently appearing on Hell’s Kitchen as a contestant in Season 13 of the FOX cooking competition series starring Gordon Ramsey. Adam Kovac is the Executive R+D Chef for Bread Winners, Inc. Kovac has been with Bread Winners for 9 years. He has turned his passion for charcuterie and meat curing into a new company called Meat Parlour which will be providing Henry’s with its cured meats. Alex Fletcher rounds out the team at the helm of their beverage program. Fletcher is a recognizable name on the bar scene and his work at Victor Tango’s earned him the reputation as one of the best bartenders in Dallas. Fletcher also crafted his skills at The People’s Last Stand and with Bread Winner's team at The Quarter.

Here's some food porn for you:

Texas Pho

Avocado Toast (bacon optional) | Cocktails | Oysters Majestic

Black Cheery French Toast | Marrow Spiked Burger | Scarlet Begonia Cocktail

Henry’s Majestic is located at 4900 McKinney Ave. (at Monticello), Dallas TX 75205. 469-893-9400. Hours of operation will be Tues-Fri, 4pm to midnight. Sat-Sun, Brunch 10a-3p and Dinner 4p-2a. Closed Mondays.