Friday, November 21, 2014

What President George W. Bush Eats on Thanksgiving

I bet this is what George W. Bush will be eating on Thanksgiving

I've always said that details can make or break a party. Unless you stuff your guests full of great food and drink. Then they are so happy they won't remember any other little snafu that might occur. So, this Thanksgiving, consider making this amazing looking dessert courtesy of former First Lady Laura Bush. It's a Texas Buttermilk Coconut Pie with Whipped Cream and I have a feeling that even if you overcook the turkey or run out of cranberry sauce - this pie could save the day. I found the recipe on Lea Berman's blog, America's Table. Berman is the former White House Social Secretary from the George W. Bush administration and spent her entire adult career as an event planner. She claims to have learned a lot about hospitality from former First Lady Laura Bush. "She thought carefully about every event she hosted: how it could be exceptional, how the food and flowers could in some way reflect the occasion, how the calligraphy honored the attendees – it was a package of small but important details that led to a great party." So, this Thanksgiving, follow her lead and put a little extra effort into your table setting. Pull out the fancy hand towels. Use the good china. And if all else fails... serve this pie.