Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fashion X Dallas: The Project Runway Finale

Fashion X came to a close last night at f.i.g. The previous two evenings had, for the most part, focused on local designers but for Saturday's grand finale gave fans of Lifetime's hit television show Project Runway had a rare opportunity to watch runway shows from fan favorites Anthony Ryan Auld, Daniel Esquivel, Jeffrey Sebelia, Korto Momolu, Laura Kathleen, Melissa Fleis, Michelle Lesniak, and Mychael Knight.

Among those who turned out for this all-star experience were Vintage Martini's Ken Weber, (my date) Courtney Kerr, Marie Reyes, Charles Smith, Ese Azenabor and like every fashion blogger in a 50-mile radius of Dallas.

I have to admit, I had my doubts that anyone could pull off a 3-day fashion extravaganza of this magnitude but with 6 years under his belt running Austin fashion Week, Matt Swinney was just the man for the job. If the whole point was to shine a spotlight on all of the amazing talent this city fosters and to bring a little awareness to consumers about the brands that live and work here, then I feel like Fashion X Dallas founder Matt Swinney succeeded. Are there things I might suggest they do a little differently next year, sure. But overall, I have to give a tip of the hat to Swinney for his efforts. Below are some highlight's from Saturday's show:

Maybe Jeffrey Sebelia hasn't heard the WC Fields quote, "Never work with kids or animals" He was totally upstaged by the slew of adorable minions that paraded down the catwalk modeling his line, La Miniatura. I have a feeling... he was okay with that.

I loved the geometric designs and comfy chic aesthetic from Anthony Ryan Auld. 
Austin's Daniel Esquivel's collection was one of my favorites. I mean, a leopard plaid?! Genius! 

I just love my new friend, Daniel Esquivel. How can you not adore a man who can pull off a handle bar mustache AND a kilt...

Mychael Knight is based in Atlanta and his Spring collection had a bright and cheery feel
One of the most polished presentations of the night came from designer Korto Momolu. I am a BIG fan of clothing with movement. And can we talk about how the piece on the left isn't a dress - but a pantsuit!? Insane!!
There were many pieces of Michelle Lesniak's collection that I wanted to snatch for myself. I loved her color palette and her use of cutouts to create lines. Very cool.

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