Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Matt Alexander has what you NEED

The NEED team

NEED Celebrates Its First Year of Servicing The Modern Gentleman
by Dawn Mellon

There's what you need and then there's what you want. By the looks of the turnout for NEED's one-year anniversary party, founder and CEO Matt Alexander has clearly tapped into the pschye of the digital consumer with his men’s lifestyle retailer and magazine. NEED's keen understanding of what its member's want often results in its curated collection selling out - at times, within hours - of its monthly release. Alexander and his team cull through an endless supply of options and hand pick the best clothing, literature, furniture, artwork and coffee to satisfy the discriminating taste of its subscribers. The carefully-chosen collection is then coupled with engaging journalism and award-winning photography and published in a monthly on-line newsletter. Last week, the men's retailer celebrated its first anniversary and the launch of its first pop-up shop.

In partnership with Foot Cardigan, the temporary store front in Deep Ellum, Unbranded, will serve customers through the holidays and provide an opportunity for select designers, artists, and entrepreneurs to sell their wares alongside NEED's curated collection and its everyday collection aptly named, Essentials. The celebration at NEED's new office on Farrington drew a fashionable crowd, including Jackson, Hamilton Sneed, Blaire and Peter Butler, Kirsten Smith-Sensabaugh, Sherri and Carl Sparks, Ted Hoffman, Mark Giambrone, Hunter and Lauren Pond, Carla Rosenberg, Kimberly Hall Alexander, Courtney Kerr, Sara Dawn Wilkins as well as NEED's newly-appointed chief operating officer and fellow Brit, Imran Sheikh, and his wife. Sheikh also is in the throws of relocating and expanding Aftershock London, the single U.S. location of this women's British retail chain, from Preston Plaza to the Galleria. Add the fact that Alexander and Sheikh also were celebrating their shared birthday the same evening, and, to borrow a phrase from our friends across the pond, it was certainly 'a red-letter day' for these business partners.

To shop this fabulous site, visit https://neededition.com.

Referred to as The Savvy Stylist, Dawn Mellon is based in Dallas and is best known for her work with high-profile business men and women as well as national and local celebrities. A cancer survivor herself, Dawn’s passion lies in supporting philanthropy through fashion. Read more at http://dawnthesavvystylist.com.