Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Casting Call: Bravo Is Looking for Couples Who Are Consciously Uncoupling

Are you going through a divorce and can't come to terms on assets? There's a show looking for you! Casting is underway for Season two of Untying the Knot. The show follows celebrity divorce attorney and mediator Vikki Ziegler as she travels the country using her particular brand of honest, empathetic and to-the-point communication to help couples divorce with dignity. On each episode, couples receive Vikki's invaluable expertise divvying up their belongings faster than you can say, "I don't"! They are interested in separating your stuff NOT why you are separating. They are not looking to dig into your personal life or put any of your private info on TV. The show is not about maximizing divorce drama, in fact, the aim is to show there can be a dignified approach to divorce which saves time and preserves wealth while still being resolved fairly by a highly sought after lawyer/mediator. Vikki Ziegler, typically charges a retainer fee of $7500+ however, ALL legal fees for this will be covered by the network. This show will make absolutely NO MENTION of children or custody arrangements, etc. This is the anti-Jerry Springer. They are only casting classy, well-heeled couples, who want to move forward in a timely fashion without spending years in court and thousands of dollars. If you are interested in free legal counsel (and 15 minutes of fame) contact UTKseason2@thehousethatcastingbuilt.com.