Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dez Bryant Breaks The Internet

In the fourth quarter of today's Cowboys-Packers playoff game - with the score sitting at 21/26 and Cowboy dreams on the line - wide receiver Dez Bryant went up and grabbed a phenomenal catch on 4th & 2. Sporting News said, "This is the stuff dramas are made of. Only it wasn't a catch. The ball comes out slightly after he hits the ground, and it was in the hands of the officials at that point. Somewhere you never want to leave the fate of the game." As everyone knows by now, the call was reversed. The Cowboys lost the game. And the internet went crazy. Some called it karma for last weekend's game against Detroit. Below are some notable Dallas celebs who showed love for Bryant and the Cowboys:

Always a class act, former Dallas Cowboys player, Emmitt Smith sent out his final thoughts on the season via Facebook.