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Dallas Dweller: Joseph Haubert

Dallas is full of colorful characters. There are those you see monthly in the society pages, whose stories are legendary in this town. But, this feature is inspired by the people that I think you should know more about because of their fabulous style, interesting back-story or amazing accomplishments.  Dallas Dweller seeks to introduce you to these fabulous faces.

Dallas Dweller: Joseph Haubert
by Cynthia Smoot

Joseph Haubert
I am a huge fan of photography and feel that it is a hugely under-rated art form. I love to capture moments and take (almost) all of my own shots for this blog. My grandfather and uncle were amazing amateur photographers so I guess the shutterbug gene runs in my family. I have been following Joseph's posts on Instagram for a while and recently we became Facebook Friends and now we are like total BFF's on social media. I feel that what Joseph Haubert is creating is art - amazing art that captures the beauty of our city. I think his work is so exciting and I am thrilled to introduce him to you today.

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. Joseph has always had a creative streak. He started drawing superheroes at the early age of 9. In his teens he designed album art for various bands he enjoyed listening to. Having a love for illustration and design, he went to college for architecture but then changed to graphic design on the recommendation of a professor.

It was actually his work in graphic design that got him into photography. "When I didn’t have the shots I needed for a job, I’d go out there and take them." He photographed models for clothing designers and worked with modeling agencies for lookbooks and magazine editorials. "I felt like I could challenge myself more as an artist if I had the raw world as my pallet, untainted by something as someone’s beauty or fashion style. Just the raw real world. It was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made."

Haubert says he has had the privilege of creating many amazing things over the years; museum exhibits, restaurant branding, billboards, store branding, websites, marketing promo and hundreds of logos. In the Summer of 2013 he decided to move to Dallas because of his growing love for the city and it’s love for him.

Haubert has been featured over 20 times in Dallas Morning News on all their social networks, the Dallas Mayor’s Office used his work for the Best International Skyline competition last year and he's been featured by several of the buildings, business and communities in Dallas, Austin, Irving and Fort Worth on their social networks. This past weekend Haubert won first place in the MOBILE category for the Dallas Morning News photographer of the year competition. He also has a two page spread in the February issue of Dallas Modern Luxury. "I am clicking with people, and things are really moving fast and doors seem to be opening," muses Haubert. "I am so blessed that I am doing something that I love and love is coming back to me."


OSC:  Where are your favorite 3 places to shoot around the city and why?

JH:      I love shooting around the South West side of Downtown Dallas. I think that area has the best view of Dallas. You can clearly see most of Dallas’s iconic buildings; Reunion Tower, Bank of America Tower, Omni Hotel, Renaissance Tower, Fountain Place, Chase Tower and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Downtown can get really pretty from the South West at sunrise and sunset. I also love shooting Reunion Tower/Hyatt Hotel. It’s the most iconic and my first experience of Dallas. It’s just a unique building with so much history and one heck of a view when you go up the observation deck in the ball. The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is also a favorite spot. I live a few blocks down the street from it and I see it multiple times a day. It’s such a cool bridge and interesting piece of architecture. I remember seeing it being built when I would visit from Fort Worth and thought Dallas is making something really outstanding here and people will love it.

OSC:  How do you feel about selfies?

JH:     Well, I don't really do selfies. I do take feet shots of myself when I’m at a cool location and I want to give people an idea of how they would look if they were standing there too. I think a selfie here and there is normal and maybe even healthy. It’s real self expression and that’s a good thing to me.

OSC:  Where do you go or what do you do to relax and recharge?

JH:      I usually go for a long drive outside of the city, - just the open road and good tunes to get lost in. Sometimes, if I can find a cool field to walk in, that’s even better. Everything seems so simple when you are able to take a step back from your everyday life and just think about nothing. I recommend everyone get lost sometime.

OSC:  What are your favorite Dallas restaurants?

JH:      I live by “Large Marge” aka Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Oak Cliff. I’m a big fan of all the restaurants at Trinity Groves:. Luck (Local Urban Craft Kitchen) is a standout for me. I love a good beer and these guys usually have over 50 local craft beers on tap. The food is pretty taste and everyone has treated me like family since the first time I walked in. I’d recommend the North Texas Hot Brown. Turkey and bacon with white cheddar beer sauce. Yes, please!! Another favorite of mine is Bolsa in the Bishop Art District. I have been there for brunch and dinner so many times and it’s always amazing. I love their flatbread pizzas, brunch or dinner.

OSC:  What are your favorite Dallas stores to shop?

JH:       I love home decor and art. West Elm in Mockingbird station is awesome. Always want to buy everything I see there. ATAMA next door is a fun spot too. They sell a lot of unique vinyl toys there, along with local and non-local prints or original art.

OSC:  What's your favorite Dallas festival or event?

JH:       I love the art festivals. Main St in Fort Worth and the Deep Ellum one in Dallas. I also like the gallery walk events and wine-walk tasting events.

OSC:  Tell me something about you that most people don't know.

JH:      Hmm.. Well, I do have 3 different names in DFW. In Fort Worth, family and friends call me Joey and in Arlington people call me Joe and in Dallas everyone knows me by Joseph. I once met Lenny Kravitz at a pizza joint in LA and gave him crap about him ordering a chicken pizza to go with the chicken in a separate to go box. Many times I have put my foot in my mouth. LOL.

OSC:  What do you think makes Dallas such a great place to live, work and raise a family?

JH:       I do think Dallas is great city to live in. It’s a very multi-cultural and versatile city. It’s a social city. There is always something going on in Dallas, for all ages and different lifestyles. It’s a healthy growing city with more and more of the cities occupants getting involved in their communities to make Dallas a better place to live in.

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All photos c/o Joseph Haubert