Friday, February 13, 2015

Designer Spotlight: Tinsley Radix

On Thursday, January 29, Tinsley Radix hosted its Fall/Winter 2015 Debut Collection at the Chandelier Room produced by Rhonda Sargent Chambers with RSC Show Productions. Established in 2013 by Caitlyn Mullanix and Chelsea Brogdon, Tinsley Radix is a custom fashion brand designed by the co-founders of Chantilly Dallas.

Chelsea Brogdon & Caitlyn Mullanix
The Tinsley Radix women will feel fashionable, confident and comfortable in her clothes, which are functional for any occasion. The Tinsley Radix couture line will allow the designers to customize pieces for any woman. Tinsley Radix is heavily influenced by the designers’ experiences growing up in the South (Texas and Georgia) and Southwest (New Mexico). The line incorporates prints and fabrics that reflect these regional influences as well as the experiences had by each designer.

The first Tinsley Radix collection is inspired by the collision of both industrial and elegance. Amy Vanderoef emceed the event, while celebrity DJ Lucy Wrubel provided the soundtrack for the evening. Amber LaFrance, Andre Yabin, Carinthia Kishaba, Chuck Steelman, Holly Haber, John and Amber Kolinofsky, Leah Frazier, Lisa Petty, Linden Wilson and Shannon Yoachum were among those in attendance. Sponsors for the event included Terri Tomlinson, beGlammed, Spanx, Kelly Bains Paper and Uber. To learn more, visit

photos by Joseph Brewster and Shana Anderson