Thursday, May 28, 2015

Enhance Your Summer Beauty Style With Braiding Classes at La Bichette

Hairstyles come and go but braids have been a part of our beauty culture for thousands of years. From African cornrows to Grecian goddesses to Native American indians, braids have made appearances on the heads of men and women throughout history indicating everything from utility to glamor, social status to ethnicity, marital status to even religious affiliation. In modern times, hairstyles aren’t quite so serious but one thing hasn’t changed: braids are cool. To help your little fashionista hone her budding style, La Bichette: Blow Dry & Makeup Atelier is offering summer braid classes perfect for a little girls, tweens and teenagers.

A camp session is 3 days long over any Mon,Tues & Wed in June, July & August, and runs 2.5 hours each day. You will need to pull your group together because each class requires a minimum of 4 girls and can accommodate up to 8 total. You then pick the dates & times that work for your group! This class requires an even number of participants because girls will be using each other as models to master the art of braiding through this comprehensive braid class.

During the 3-day camp, you will brush up on a basic Three-Strand braid and move into French, Dutch, Fishtail and Waterfall Braids. You will also learn how to do several bohemian style braided updos and finish off the class with a Braided Runway Event where students will get a professional makeup application to suit their braided ‘do and present their style on La Bichette’s red carpet! Family & Friends presence requested! Cost: $225 per person. Must be 8 years old or older to participate.

Anyone with a Pinterest account knows that braids aren't just for the underage. Fashion bloggers and style mavens everywhere are plaiting their tresses to create fashionable looks so private braid classes also available. You & a girlfriend can come for an hour and a half of intense braiding to beef up your skills (Cost is $100). To schedule your own custom camp or private session, contact Tammy at or 214-520-3500.

portions of this article were inspired by: The Beautiful and Amazing History of Braids, Lovelyish
photos provided by La Bichette