Tuesday, June 9, 2015

7 Tips for Better Brows from Claria Renee Beauty

Claria Renee Beauty is a luxury brow studio and product line run by Claria Nieves. She recently invited me in to visit her salon and visit about the benefits of brow beauty. I accepted, not because I have bushy, over-grown brows but because I have the opposite problem. As a child of the 70s/80s, I came of age in an era where thin brows were in and over-plucking was common. The problem is that once you hit your 40s, your hair growth slows and those brows not only don't grow back as fully, they start to thin. So, I was curious as to what Claria would have to say about how to regenerate brow growth or see if she could give me any tips to give the illusion of a fuller brow without it looking too drawn in and fake.

A before and after photo from Claria Renee Beauty from Facebook 

7 Tips for Better Brows from Claria Renee Beauty

  1. Do NOT pluck your grays. Plucking them will leave open gaps in your brow line that will then have to be filled in and look unnatural. Better to leave the natural hair where it is and just tint it. 
  2. Wondering if your brows should match your hair color? If you have dark hair, your brows should be a shade lighter. Blonde or lighter hair? Then take your brows a shade darker. They should never match exactly. 
  3. If your brows have started to thin, rub Castor Oil on them at night. The acts as a growth agent and will work as well, if not better, than some of those pricey salon products you might have seen pitched.
  4. Use a highlighting shadow right under the brow to make them look fuller and make your eyes pop more
  5. Always brush your brows upwards, never down - even at the ends. This makes the hairs stand up making them look fuller. 
  6. Shadow is preferable to a brow pencil. It will look softer and more natural. Get a good brow brush, place some shadow at the bottom of your brow and move upward, using soft strokes
  7. Use a brow gel to finish off the look. Just like you would use a styling product in your hair. A brow gel will keep your brows lifted and in place throughout the day.

Not only did I love how my brows looked after Claria got her hands on them, the entire appointment took 19 minutes and brow maintenance is an affordable $35. You gotta love that! Claria Renee Beauty is located at 4503 Travis Street above Cafe Madrid. To make an appointment, contact Claria at claria@lashmaxx.com or call (214) 564-4237.