Friday, June 19, 2015

Oh So Tasty: Brunch at Truck Yard

One of my favorite places to kick back and enjoy time with friends & family is Truck Yard on Lower Greenville. I love it because it's not your typical fancy-pants Dallas eatery, but feels more like an Austin escape complete with shade trees and redneck-chic decor.  This is a place where film flops and cut-off shorts are de rigueur and dogs are the accessory of choice. Plus, where else in town can you find a treehouse bar? Uh, yeah. You read that right. Truck Yard boasts an elevated treehouse bar where the main attraction is carbonated, bottled cocktails available and amazing people-watching.

Truck Yard recently started serving my favorite meal - BRUNCH - from 10am until 2pm each Sunday. Food will come courtesy of three brunch trucks serving a variety of mid-morning fare like eggs, bacon, brisket hash and chicken and waffles. And for a special treat, Hypnotics Donuts is onsite providing their delicious and creative donut holes.

Aside from the regular beers and cocktails, the bar features a brunch punch crafted by mixologist Emily Perkins. Made with cava (Spanish sparkling wine), Remy V, Cointreau Camomille, grapefruit juice and lemons, this concoction comes in a communal bowl large enough to serve five to 10 people, which works out great since all your friends will want to join you!

The Truck Yard is located at 5624 Sears Street, Dallas, TX 75206.