Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wolfgang Puck Catering Takes Your Event Over-The-Top And Out Of This World

Dallas is a city of one-upmanship. "I'll see your million and raise you two!" says one event chair to the next. A charity can never rest on their fundraising laurels and the forever goal is to top whatever you just did. There is also very much a mentality of "been there/done that" among guests so an event chair has to constantly be creative to out-do what has been done to keep corporate sponsors re'upping and people buying tickets and bidding on auction items. So, to future event chairs I say, "Let me introduce you to Wolfgang Puck Catering." They recently hosted a dinner that was the third in a series of food symposia evenings. This one was designed to "demystify the art of food presentation". The plan was for guests to learn basic principles of plating through a fun hands-on activity. We started at the Nasher Sculpture Center for mocktails and a "plating workshop" where we had a brief dissuasion on the art of cake decorating. The Nasher has always offered their venue up for wedding receptions but it's just this summer that they are now allowing the actual wedding ceremony on-site as well! The individual cake set-up is a creative idea for a wedding reception or other event so each guest got to try out their skills by decorating their own cake using edible flowers, fresh fruits and a variety of candies. It was tons of fun and we all had fun trying to outdo each other with our ideas and skills. Our cakes were boxed up and transported to our next destination as a take-home gift.

We then took a short walk to the AT&T Performing Arts Center where the “art of presentation" theme carried over to the first ever seated dinner atop the reflecting pond at AT&T Performing Arts Center. Wolfgang Puck Catering Executive Chef Drew Swanson and his crew created dishes that looked every bit as amazing as they tasted. The obvious answer to your question is, "Yes." We did have to remove our shoes and walk through water to get to the staged area where we ate dinner. The water is only a couple of inches high and it was super fun to kick off our shoes! I loved it. Below are some fun photos from our evening. Wolfgang Puck Catering is dedicated to sharing their passion for culinary innovation, uncompromising quality and genuine hospitality with guests. Plan your next Dallas catering event with Wolfgang Puck Catering, and treat your guests to award-winning restaurant-quality cuisine, flawless service and culinary artistry. Learn more at

photos by Carter Rose