Saturday, March 5, 2016

Casting Call: Crossroads of Life

There's a new reality show in development and producers are looking for people who are quickly approaching a major crossroads in their lives and need to make a difficult decision. They are interested in all sorts of stories as long as the stakes are real and high.  Here are a few examples:

  • My best friend asked me to be her surrogate - should I do it? 
  • We love our big-city careers, but want to raise our children with small-town values. Should we leave our careers and move to give our kids a "better" life? 
  • Our (adopted) son/daughter wants to find his/her biological parents. We know the circumstances and are afraid it will crush our child. What should we do? 
  • My partner and I have been together for XX years and still love each other... but we've started to want some significantly different things (kids, moving, financial decisions etc.) - do we move on and chase our personal dreams or sacrifice those dreams for love? 
  • I want to get a plastic surgery makeover - including down there. Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Would it be the best - or worst - decision I could make for my sex life?!? 
Ultimately, those selected for filming will be paired with a group of individuals who have each already faced that decision - and are living with the outcomes. They will offer their points of view and advice to help our cast weigh their options and make an informed decision for the next step in their life. If you are interested, email you name, phone number and a paragraph explaining your situation along with 2 recent photographs to You must be 21 or older to apply.