Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Two Snaps For The Pin Show 2016

The Pin Show 2016
Photos c/o Thomas Garza Photography

The Pin Show 2016 at The Bomb Factory presented a diverse and dynamic runway fashion show to a sold-out crowd on Saturday, February 20, 2016. Participating designers joined this year's show from all over Texas - Denton, Houston, Austin, Brownsville, etc. This year, The Pin Show featured two spotlight veteran designers, Jesse Thaxton of Melancholic Design and Charlotte Elliott of Yomono, who curated their own lines by creatively working with our professional teams on music, hair, makeup and stylists, to feature 15-20 looks each, rather than the 6-10 each designer traditionally shows. Designers this year also featured more menswear and plus-size pieces than has been seen in the past. Featured designers included Kathleen Care Jewelry, Tissu, Indigo 1745, Betty Bohling, and Flawless Honey. Entertainment included Zhora and Friends, and an amazing aerial performer and lively dancers. The crowd roared when Sam Lao, LEV, Ronnie Heart, Dezi 5 and special guest Sarah Jaffe took the stage with their host, Zhora. www.thepinshow.com