Monday, August 29, 2016

Reality check on the state of reality TV in Dallas

Bravo debuted two new Housewives franchises in the Spring of 2016: Potomac and Dallas. Nether show had killer ratings but, not only has Potomac been renewed, they just wrapped filming on their second season. Which is making everyone involved more than a little nervous for Dallas, as the fate of our franchise lingers in purgatory. Questionable casting, bad editing decisions and a poor time slot did not help the Real Housewives of Dallas debut season. Over the summer, the production company for RHOD tired frantically to find potential new Housewives to change up the chemistry of the cast and entice Bravo into giving Dallas another shot. From what I've been told, they are looking to add 1-2 new women to change of the chemistry of the cast. Every eligible "housewife" within 10 miles of Dallas got a call, a select group moved on to a Skype interview and six lucky ladies were cherry-picked to film scenes with their families (a few even filmed with current RHOD cast) to create a reel that was shown to Bravo execs.

And that's where we are...

While I haven't figured out who all six of the potential new cast are (feel free to contact me should you have scoop!) I do know many of them. I've even see the demo reel for one... They have some interesting choices. Will Bravo like any of the new women? Do they want to bring the inaugural cast back intact? Those are the questions on the minds of fans and the current cast who are are left hanging in the wind. Fingers crossed! While RHOD remains in limbo, there are still plenty of reality happenings around town. Case in point: a gaggle of Dallas gals are about to head off on a yacht trip to Croatia for some fun in the sun. You'll be able to relive their adventures on the season premiere of Below Deck: Mediterranean on Bravo next Spring.  Patrons at The Quarter bar in Uptown have been buzzing about a film crew seen shooting there. Turns out that Lifetime TV is in town for a few months shooting a new show for their Spring lineup. Drop by and see if you can catch them to get some screen time! And if all else fails, we still have the dashing Richard Rawlings to keep us entertained on Discovery's Fast N' Loud.