Friday, August 19, 2016

RHOD's Cary Deuber Comes To The Rescue Of Ailing Airline Passenger

One of the creeds of those working in the medical field is to abide by the Hippocratic Oath - or in the case of a Nurse, the Florence Nightingale Pledge - which in a nutshell means they strive to devote themselves to the care of others. Real Housewives of Dallas star and Registered Nurse, Cary Deuber, lived up to that responsibility when she came to the aid of a passenger who was on a recent flight with the Deubers as they traveled home from a month-long vacation form Zurich, Switzerland. Cary told TMZ that about an hour out from DFW International Airport flight attendants made an announcement asking if there was a doctor or nurse on board that would be willing to help a sick passenger. Cary laughingly said, "...this has happened to me before. This is not the first time. I must have some weird airplane... this is like the third time this has happened so I kinda knew the drill." Without going into detail, Cary said she evaluated the passenger, determined he was stable enough that the plane did not need to reroute to the nearest airport and they finished out their flight with paramedics meeting them at the gate at DFW Airport. It's just never a dull moment for these Housewives... Three cheers to Cary for saving the day!