Wednesday, September 14, 2016

MiniLuxe Totally Nails It

MiniLuxe Nail Studio | Dallas Touch the photo to scroll through a gallery of images from this event. Photos c/o Thomas Garza Photography 

MiniLuxe Totally Nails It 
by Contributor, Jayne Herring

After a couple of years living in a beautiful beach town, I’ve come back to Dallas with a penchant for flip flops and a determination to not get too fancied up too soon. It didn’t take long to realize however the toll that a month of packing, moving, and unpacking had taken on my nails and skin, and that a little pampering was definitely in order. But having a new baby at home, clean and toxin-free environments and products are more important than ever, as is being a good example to my daughters by living a socially responsible and ethical life. Finding salons that work with these high standards in an industry known for shortcuts and toxins is not always easy. This is why I was thrilled to attend MiniLuxe's Grand Opening in Uptown Plaza.

Where clean is the culture and fashion is at your fingertips, MiniLuxe is a luxury nail studio originally from Boston that is quickly winning over glamorous Dallasites at their locations in West Village, the Shops at Legacy, and Uptown Plaza. MiniLuxe offers manicures, pedicures, waxing and brow services for women and men using sterile single-use (when possible) tools and products free of carcinogenic chemicals, all provided by employees who receive exceptional benefits. It’s a clean business with clean ethics and clean methodologies, which makes it all feel even more luxurious. Over the next six months they’ll add NorthPark Center, The Shops at Highland Park, and Preston Center locations, providing even more opportunities to experience #MiniMoments of luxury in our busy lives.

Guests enjoyed salon services in the beautiful contemporary space, relaxing and chatting under flattering lighting with glasses of champagne in hand. While savoring our pedicures with the Hybrid polish, Leah Frazier and I gleefully noticed that our seats had outlets and spare chargers for our phones, a fabulous perk for busy moms like me who so seem to constantly be at 17%.

As for products, MiniLuxe works only on the natural nail, so they do not offer acrylic nail services or any nail enhancements. They offer 3 gel options: Five-free, Shellac and OPI. One of their most popular offerings is Dazzle Dry™ “Hybrid” polish, which actually strengthens the natural nail, as it offers exceptional non-yellowing performance and wear. Dazzle Dry™ dries rock-hard in 5 minutes without UV light, wears like gel and removes like polish. Additionally, available polish brands include Zoya, which makes the world’s longest, wearing vegan nail polish, and favorites Essie, OPI classics, Smith & Cult, Loubiton, Chanel and Tom Ford. MiniLuxe also has its own line of 5 free polish and offers nail products that are free of carcinogenic chemicals.

I am still wearing my beach flip flops, but thanks to MiniLuxe my toes at least are up to Dallas standards (meaning: Fabulous!).


West Village, 3700 McKinney Ave, Suite 158, Dallas, TX 75204, 972-349-9675
Uptown Plaza, 2222 McKinney Ave, Suite 140, Dallas, TX 75201, 903-220-0905
Shops at Legacy, 7300 Lone Star Drive, Suite C140, Plano, TX 75024, 214-296-9475

Preston Center (Fall 2016)
NorthPark Center (Fall 2016)
The Shops At Highland Park (Spring 2017)

Jayne Herring is a born and bred Yankee who fell in love with a Texan and the city of Dallas. She recently returned from two years in Laguna Beach, CA. with her husband and two little girls, and is quickly carving out a new life in the M Streets neighborhood. When not with her family (and even sometimes with them), she can often be found eating with friends, planning a theme party, taking a barre class, watching the news or enjoying theater. A passionate traveler and hostess, she is always on the hunt for what is new & interesting, especially in the arts. You can follow her adventures on twitter @jayniemarie and instagram @SeeJayneGo.

Disclosure: MiniLuxe is a client of Gangway Advertising, which is why I asked Jayne to write this piece. Plus, I like to spread the love around and am so happy Jayne is back in town!!! Get ready for lots of Arts and Culture coverage from her!