Friday, June 2, 2017

Best Summer Beauty Tips That Take Less Than 5 Minutes Each

To me, Summer is all about relaxed ease, so the no-makeup makeup look is what I strive for. As we head into the hot Texas summer, I thought I would share five beauty tips to help you make the most of the season. The beautiful thing is that each of these tips takes less than 5 minutes! Try them out and let me know which of them you enjoy most!

BeautyRX Peel: Sometimes you need more than an exfoliation product to remove the damage that all of that sun worship has produced. Blushington has partnered with famous NYC dermatologist, Dr. Neal Schultz, to bring you his world-famous products at a fraction of what you'd pay in his fancy-pants Big Apple offices. This peel is simple, easy, and completed in just TWO minutes. First, skin is thoroughly cleansed, and then the pH-balanced and buffered glycolic peel is applied. The unique formulation of BeautyRx’s glycolic works its magic to invisibly and gently dissolve the top layer of dead, uneven skin to reveal gorgeous skin underneath. After two minutes, the peel is instantly neutralized with water, and the client is welcome to apply sunscreen and moisturizer. There’s no redness, downtime, or irritation – just glowing skin. This service is normally $225 at Dr. Schultz's office. At Blushington, you'll pay just $10 hands/$40 Neck and Decolletage/$50 full face.

Brow Tinting: There's no better way to create a polished and put-together look than having a strong brow. It frames your eyes and sets off your look without a lot of fuss. Don't mess with brow pencils and shadows - just like you color your hair, you can have your brows tinted. No fuss, no muss and you are out the door. $15 at Blushington.

Powder Foundation: I am crazy about Dallas-based Susan Posnick's ColorFlo mineral foundation because it's 3 products in one: sunscreen, foundation and powder. Simply brush and go with her self-dispensing refillable brush. COLORFLO provides powerful and natural sun protection and is invisible and weightless on the skin. It's also great packaging and easy to throw in your purse to re-apply later in the day. $68 online at or avail. locally at Stanley Korshak.

Performance Polish: I love the way a great manicure makes my hands look, but I have always HATED that fact that it takes nail polish so long to dry! Thanks to new technology, performance polishes dry in just 5 minutes and come with a 5 day guarantee to not chip. Avail. at MiniLuxe (multiple Dallas Locations - my favorite is The Shops of Highland Park)

Adapt Collagen: I’ve never met a woman who wouldn’t like to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in their skin, or have stronger nails & hair, so let me share a new find with you. The magic bullet you require is more collagen protein in your diet. Dallas fitness trainer, Grant Alexander, has developed Adapt Restorative Collagen, which uses 100% natural, grass-fed collagen protein. Add a scoop into your daily 8 oz. smoothie, coffee, tea or any liquid beverage and enjoy a powerful dose of protein that our body easily absorbs to repair muscles, joints, hair, skin, nails and more. It’s tasteless, odorless, with no gritty feel. This is my kind of product – no pain, all gain! $48 at

Disclaimer: Blushington is a client of my marketing firm/ad agency/whatever you want to call it. As I was learning about some of the new products and services they are offering, the information inspired this post.