Thursday, April 2, 2020

Pets of Quarantine: The Work Edition

by Leah Frazier 

“If you have a furbaby or even swooned at the movie Pets, you’ll often wonder if your cat or dog has a human mind of its own. Even in the midst of COVID-19 and the disruption of life as we know it, these intelligible, high-sensory beings can tell when you need a little pick-me-up or have sensed that something’s out of order. But to these loyal creatures, in the midst of the current crisis, they’re totally #winning, because let’s face it — their beloved human beings are now home. All. Day. Long. In the spirit of positivity, we tapped the feeds of some of our favorite CEO’s, bosses and work-from-home gurus — just to see how life with the newest member of their team is panning out. From napping on the job to barking it up on Zoom (can you please put your phone on mute?), these furbabies are now living their best #QuarantineLife.”

CLICK HERE to scroll through, “Paw-ty” on and “yap” it up for what Leah Frazier at Inspire ‘N Style is coining as the #PetsOfQuarantine – the work edition. I am thrilled to have my sweet Tuco included in this feature. He has turned out to be a fantastic employee for Gangway Advertising - he never talks back and seemingly agrees with everything I say. You didn’t ask for it, but she’s delivering it. So smile. You’re welcome.