Sunday, October 26, 2008

Star Wars. The saga continues.

I have a clear memory (which is saying a lot for me) of going to the Rialto Theater in Downtown Denison in 1977 with my little brother to see Star Wars.

I still remember being astounded by the visual effects and drawn into the story of these characters. My brother and I had many a light saver battle with crude glow-in-the-dark swords. He was Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. I, of course, was Princess Leia. Our weapons weren't nearly as cool as today's models with their sound effects and retractable blades.

With George Lucas' release of the new animated Clone Wars movie this summer, and subsequent weekly cartoon series, he has ensured that the legend and legacy of Star Wars lives on in the next generation. And made himself another billion dollars in the process. The man's a genius!

Little Man is shown here in his new Clone Wars helmet. His buddy is Darth Vader.

May the force be with you.

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