Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Buying Local Isn't Just About Food

The sustainable movement has been underfoot for some time now.  There's a growing movement encouraging us to buy locally to not only support local farmers and small businesses but it perpetuates the thought that you can get fruits and vegetables that have been grown with less hormones and pesticides. People, this may come as a shock, but apples and lettuce are not meant to have a 6-week shelf life.

This theory applies to other industries as well - like fashion and jewelry. Dallas has some amazing creative talents and events like this one are designed to put a spotlight on the fact that not all great design comes from New York and Los Angeles.  And that if you "make it" you don't have to leave Dallas either!

The Fashion Group International of Dallas hosted their annual Gala called a "Night of Stars" at the Dallas Trade Pavilion last Friday. Amy Vanderoef of WFAA presented several Career Achievement Awards to local talents: Kent Rathbun, Richard Krall Photography and Charles and Joanne Teichman from Ylang23. Rising Star Awards were also given out to up-and-comers in the fashion industry.

A runway show produced by the fabulous Jan Strimple ended the night with a display of stunning fashions from six Dallas-based designers:

Nha Khanh  |   PrashE  |  Nest

My date, Daniel Lewis of Green Peridot Salon.  He was on Paper City's Fashion Police team this year and got to walk in the show.  He stomped down that runway like a Calvin Klein model!

I wasn't a bit surprised to run into the lovely ladies of You+Media, Elisabeth Jordan and Hilary Kennedy.  Also pictured is my friend, Bri Crum of Plan B PR.

Me with local designer (and Project Runway star) Shirin Askari and Bri Crum.

I'm not saying to never shop at The Gap or Target again. But, you can support your local economy and look fabulous in designs you won't see on 200 other people by taking a closer look at the talent pool we have right in our own back yard.

I'm just sayin'.