Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Repair a Broken Eye Shadow or Powder Compact

What girl hasn't had that moment where you pull out your favorite compact, eye shadow or blush, it slips out of your fingers, hits the floor and crumbles to pieces? This experience is usually followed by expletives. Yep, pretty much anyone who has ever used make-up has had this happen.

Did you know there's a quick and easy way to save that damaged makeup from the trash can?  My guest blogger today, Jennie Lieber, has today's beauty tip for you: 

How to Repair a Broken Eye Shadow or Powder Compact

Broken compact
   Things you will need:
   Rubbing Alcohol
   Knife or Spoon
   The original compact and broken make-up pieces

Step One:
Collect as many pieces of the broken makeup as you possibly can.  Place the pieces back in the original container. Use the back of the spoon or the end of your knife to break up the remainder of the large clumps that make still be left in your container into as many small pieces as possible. 
Add alcohol and mix

Step Two:
Pour rubbing alcohol in its cap.  Then moisten the broken make-up a little at a time (3-5 drops depending on the size of the compact). DO NOT OVER SOAK!  You want it to be thick - like cake batter - not too runny.

Once the mixture is sufficiently damp, mix the powder together and press the makeup back into place using the back side of the spoon or the flat side of a knife.  Try to get it as smooth as possible, leaving no chunks or holes under the top layer.

As you can see from the photo, it will get a little messy around the edges. Just use your finger or a Q-tip to clean around the edges when you are done mixing it up.

Good as new
Step Three:
After you have pressed the makeup back down, let it sit on your counter and dry with the lid open.  Wait 2-3 hours and once it's dry to the touch, take a tissue and lay it over the top of the make-up and gently press down to make sure that you pack the make-up down all the way through.

Wait 24 hours before using to make sure it has dried all the way.

And... wa-la! You can see from the photo to the left that this blush has been restored to its original block form and as ready for use! Here's a video for those who want to see someone actually walking though this process.

About the Author: 
Jennie Lieber is a wife, mom of 5 young adults, homemaker and an independent corporate event planner.  She considers herself a very savvy shopper. Instead of an extreme couponer, she is an extreme bargain hunter!!